Experience the Silent Film With Cinema Europe & Philharmonic Orchestra

For the sixth consecutive season, Zageb Film Festival and Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra come together to bring the biggest classics from the golden era of silent film to the big screen in a unique and old-fashioned way.

The program will be held on November 8th, 9th and 10th (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) and will provide a rich audiovisual experience with the screenings of silent films backed with live Orchestra performance. It is intended for all the film lovers, and especially those who enjoy the classical music.

This year, the title for the most favored film befell the Harold Lloyd’s comedy ‘Safety Last’ from 1923. Harold Lloyd belongs to the worlds most famous comedy stars of the silent film, right alongside Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Lloyd’s unforgettable comic characters are at the top of the golden age of the American silent comedy film and these projections mark 100th anniversary from Lloyd’s first appearance on the big screens.

The tickets for the Phil(m)harmonic program can be bought at the cinema cash register and on the web page www.kupiulaznicu.kinoeuropa.hr for 60kn.