Explore the Zagreb Crafts Fair and Learn the Tricks of the Trade from the Local Master Craftsmen

Organized by the Zagreb Chamber of Trades and Crafts, the City of Zagreb, Zagreb County and the Zagreb Fair, this year Zagreb Crafts Fair will take place at the Zagreb Fair from April 25th to 27th.

The event was established to promote various trades and crafts especially among young people to further educate and motivate them to try out new professions and occupations through conferences, seminars, presentations and workshops.

The Fair will gather master craftsmen from the City of Zagreb and beyond including tool makers, mechanics, blacksmiths, traders, shoemakers, cosmetics, hairdressers, florists, photographers, painters, carpenters, umbrella makers, taxi drivers and quite a few others. It will also be accompanied by fashion, hair and cosmetician’s shows.

Last year, the Zagreb Crafts Fair was visited by more than 3000 students which could’ve tried out and participate at crafts like umbrella making, creation of floral arrangements, hairstyle decoration or take part in the builders nailing competition.

For more detailed information about the event, visit the Zagreb Fair website.