Faithless and Billy Idol asked for healthy food and the internet

The group Faithless are coming to Zagreb with a crew of 28 people. Their requests for food and drink are extremely simple. The stars and their team want a healthy diet, quality Croatian wines and beer, peace, comfort, and a good internet connection.
Billy Idols team has 20 people. They clearly emphasize the need for recycling using real dishes and cutlery. They also want healthy foods, lots of fruits, vegetables, and beverages; peace, comfort and the internet as well.
Billy Idol and Faithless will perform at the event known as Zagreb Calling, which will be held in our city on the 13th and 14th of July. These two concerts will be followed by four more performances of Croatian and Serbian rock legends – Psihomodo Pop and Partibrejkers (1st day), Nipplepeople and Detour (2nd day). Together, they will all give us concerts to remember.