Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival 2017

Summer stage Tuškanac is readying up for this year’s Fantastic Zagreb Film Fest. Science fiction, thriller, fantasy, horror, classics and some special surprises are expecting cinephiles and Zagreb public.

The seventh edition of FZFF will be held from 29th June until 9th July. Projections will be organized on summer stage Tuškanac and last two nights of the festival are reserved for projections on Fort Medvedgrad on 7th and 8th of July.

Some additional entertainment is expected at Tuškanac stage: Pop-up Summer Garden by Swanky Mint Hostel will be hosting a playful lounge out in the open. It is here to stay for the summer. During the Fantastic Zagreb DJ’s will take over the stage in the evening after projections and visitors will be able to freshen up with cocktails, cold drinks, and snacks.

This year’s Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival summer stages are offering a perfect hideout to escape the heat and rush of the city streets. As soon as you go through the Dežman passage, the temperatures decline for a few points and the pleasure is guaranteed.

For more info and ticket pricing visit official website or FB page