Fast and Furious in Zagreb: Don’t Miss This Wild Weekend of Street Racing from Dubrovnik Avenue!

They’re not Vin Diesel and his gang but they are sure fast and furious, and they are coming to Zagreb! Tomorrow! In the next two days, Zagreb will become a motorsport center of Europe! Supercharged cars from over 30 countries will compete on the track length of 402 meters for the title of the fastest racer at the sixth edition of Fast & Furious. For this occasion, the main road in Novi Zagreb known as Dubrovnik Avenue will be closed. OK Closed to public but open to fast and dangerous drivers who are coming to the Croatian capital to take you breath away!
The event will be attended by about 300 participants from Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries in the region. They will compete in the professional category Pro Race and the amateur category Street Tuning (all who have a driver’s license and a car with which they can cross the 402 meters in 16 seconds).

The organizers expect more than 20,000 visitors in these two days, and most people will attend Street Style race and competition in decibels called DB – The Fast and the Furious, which will measure the strength of the each audio system in decibels. Except for the sound, the 80 most beautiful hostess from Croatia will spice up the spectacular vehicles – one at the road and those in the pavilion. Namely, few meters away from the road, about 40 rare cars – oldtimers and classic cars will present themselves to automotive lovers. Another marvelous vehicle will appear at this event –  streets of Zagreb will host Dragster for the first time, Dragster known as the Beast among all vehicles that can be stopped only by a parachute. It will delight everyone, but if you are one of those who are not interested in racing or you are scared to jump into a car, the organisers prepared Fast & Furious VR that will take you into the world of virtual reality, with even five simulations and the double premiere of HTC Vive system available to everyone!

Fast & Furious also prepared a kids zone, a zone especially equipped for the little ones – with a variety of games and simulators, and a real race acceleration for Fast & Furious Kids Race where children will be able to run in electrical cars. Each competitor will receive a gift – a package of Lego cubes!

This weekend visitors will get more than a race – they will get a free soccer tournament ‘three on three’ with a prize of 5000 kunas for the winner! So do not miss this fabulous weekend in Zagreb; daily tickets for the race accelerating fast and furious will be available at a price of 20 kunas, and the card includes a Saturday concert of the Croatian rock band Vatra. Children younger than 12 have free entrance.
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