The Feast of Saint Martin is Around the Corner

Saint Martin’s Day, also known as the Feast of Saint Martin, is one of the liveliest festivals that symbolically closes the autumn chapter and introduces the winter period.

Why is this one of the most celebrated customs? Short answer; Wine! More precisely, young wine (must) that is maturing to wine. It is a period that symbolizes the end of agricultural work and start of enjoyment of the fruits of labor.

In Croatia and Slovenia, the Christian custom of baptizing young wine during this period represents purification when the young wine (must) is maturing and becoming something noble. The custom is celebrated in many towns and villages and especially in the rich wine-producing regions.

The Feast of Saint Martin is a real rhapsody marked with young wine, roasted goose, roasted chestnuts, boiled wine, fruit wine, music and a good atmosphere.

Saint Martin’s Day falls on November 11th and days around the date will be marked with a celebration on the main square.