’36 Mountains’

The opening of the fourth ‘36 Mountains Festival‘ will be held on September 6, at 7 pm, in Bačva Gallery.

’36 Mountains’ is an international festival dedicated to illustration with the main goal of bringing illustration and drawing closer to the public. The organizers aim to present the best of the domestic and global illustration scene and to recognize young and new artists. The festival offers the chance for illustration lovers to come face to face with their favorite artists and discover amazing new artwork from emerging illustrators.

During the festival, from September 6 to 9, 22 new artists chosen by Festival jury and 6 already established authors will present their work. The selected artists are free to express themselves in their 1,80-meter-long concertina notebooks on both sides specifically designed for this project an their works are going to be shown in the main exhibition area during the festival.

Illustration no. 154 from #ĐONTRA by Ivo Matić

Invited artists of this year’s festival are: Sarme (Cro), Lisa Laubreaux (Fr), Ivo Matić (Cro), Natalija Škalić (Cro), Damir Sobota (Cro) i Ivana Armanini (Cro). While selected artists are: Iris Bakker (Den), Rina Barbarić (Cro), Nenad Cizl (Slo), Karla Čurčinski (Cro), Srđa Dragović (Mne), Andrej Drožđan (Cro), Klasja Habjan (Cro), Matea Jurčević (Cro), Sofija Kamasi (Srb), Dragan Kordić (Cro), Lea Levi (Srb), Agata Lučić (Cro), Apolonija Lučić (Cro), Laura Martinović (Cro), Ivan Mesaroš (Srb), Oleg Morović (Cro), Ivana Mrčela (Cro), Marina Milanović (Srb), Imelda Ramović (Cro), Anja Sušanj (Cro), Resli Tale (It) i Ellis van der Does (Nl).

Ellis van der Does


The exhibition is open to the public for a period of four days and is accompanied by a rich side program that includes workshops, lectures and panels on current topics related to art and illustration. The lectures will be held on Friday at House of Architecture Oris, and this year’s lecturers are Lonac, Imelda Ramović, Srđa Dragović and Fran Mubrin.

The entrance is, for all events, free of charge. To check the whole program, go to the Festival’s web page.