Festival of Lights Zagreb 2019

Festival of Lights once again brings a four-day celebration of spring, this year it takes place from today, March 20th till March 24th.

The festival will be held at various locations, mostly in the center of the city. The well-known Lotrščak Tower will for this opportunity become a Lighthouse, at the Zagreb’s Art Park you will be able to walk through the Dew and Flowers and celebrate the arrival of the Spring. If you take a walk through the Tomićeva Street, or take the stairs by the cable car to walk up to the Upper Town, light beams illuminating the sky will show you the way and serve as your guide in the magic world of light.

In the central part of the Grič Tunnel, a tunnel beneath Gradec Hill that connects Mesnička and Radićeva streets, you will find yourself in the middle of a magical forest. Guided by the artist’s hand, light creates shapes of plants and animals that present the atmosphere of this unique forest. At the Gradec Plateu you will be able to see the fluttering lights of flower petals named Loves me, Loves me Not… The whole Upper Town will be illuminated, so it will be the best if you check out the map of the Festival.

Light art is a new discipline that has escaped the confines of museum walls, its artists using the city, its buildings, its monuments and the night sky itself as their canvas. Part art, part design, architecture and entertainment spectacle, the festival both brings you something beautiful to look at and something to make you see your world differently.

Festival of Lights Zagreb is one of the first events heralding the new tourist season, enticing us outside to enjoy a spring night in the city and to witness innovative art and the joy of light.  The entrance to all programs is free of charge.