Films Under the Stars with Gastro Delicacies @Zrinjevac

Prepare yourself for the finest film festival, the Food Film Festival sponsored by Coca-Cola, which is held this year for the third time and leads you to an unforgettable movie gastro adventure.

From the 8th to the 17th of September, 10 days in the most beautiful Zrinjevac park, there will be a movie picnic under the stars with taste and smell from some of Zagreb’s most creative restaurants, bistros, pastry shops and wine shops.

The Food Film Festival Zagreb has been attracting great enthusiasm for many tourists and domestic visitors for two years. So Central Park Zagreb will soon host hundreds of deck chairs on the meadow from which they will be able to enjoy great foodie films.

This year’s films include Cook up a Storm, Toast, The Founder, Perfect Strangers, East Side Sushi, Ants on a Shrimp, Babette’s Feast, Vatel and Theater of Life. One movie will be played every night at 20:30.

For more information and the detailed program, visit Facebook or festival web site.