First Croatian Children Sci-Fi Film is Coming Out This Spring!

Production studio Studio Dim released the teaser for the long-awaited first Croatian science-fiction film for children, ‘My Grandpa is an Alien’, that is finally coming to the Croatian cinemas this spring.

The life of a little girl Una turns upside down in a moment when aliens abduct her grandfather. In the basement of the house she accidentally finds out that her grandfather is an extraterrestrial alien as well, whose ship collapsed a long time ago, and finds his pilot, a cranky little robot Dodo. Una and Dodo have less than 24 hours to find and save Una’s grandfather… Briefly, this is a plot of ‘My Grandpa is an Alien’  movie.

This family movie – intended for anyone who hasn’t lost imagination – has been produced by Darija Kulenović Gudan and Marina Andrea Škop from the Zagreb’s Studio Dim with partners from six other European countries.

The film won two awards while it was still in the development phase, the BeActive Award for the best project and Prime4Kids & Family Award for the best children’s project. Using modern film techniques and innovative special effects, ‘My Grandpa …’, talks about friendship and love.

The official teaser came out yesterday and you can watch it here, while for the whole film you’ll have to wait till spring!