“Fly Me to the Moon” GRAWE Night Marathon at Park Bundek

The GRAWE Night Marathon on Bundek will be held for the fifth time this Saturday, on 25th of August.

What started as a small night race has grown into one of the biggest running events of the year in Zagreb. In the first year, 450 participants competed in four disciplines, the following year, that number increased to over 1000, some of whom crossed the finish long after midnight, this year organizers set a limit of 2000 competitors.

The night marathon is traditionally starting with donation as part of the PoKRENI – gift your miles project. This year, the goal was to collect 100 000 kilometers that GRAWE Croatia will ‘turn’ into a donation of 50 000 HRK to the Association of Multiple Sclerosis Croatia.

Applications for this year’s GRAWE Night Marathon were closed on August 13 but that doesn’t mean you can’t go to the one of the city’s nicest parks, enjoy music and loudly welcome the people crossing the finish line.

Find out more about the marathon and the whole project here.