Four New Exhibitions Open Today in Zagreb

Croatian Association of Fine Artists invites you to the opening of four new exhibitions this Thursday at 8 pm.

“Annual exhibition of members of Association” already has a long tradition, each year members of HDLU (Croatian Association of Fine Artists) prepare an exhibition in which they give insight to the public into their current production realized in different disciplines. The art works exhibited are no older than a year. It opens tonight at 8 pm at Prsten Gallery and stays opened till August 26.

Another exhibition is “Total Refusal” – solo exhibition of Leonhard Müllner and Robin Klengel in collaboration with Michael Stumpf that opens tonight at PM Gallery of the Home of the Croatian Association of Artists. The aim of these artists is to peacefully appropriate the existing mechanics of digital gaming media in order to find new use for their virtual combat zones.

At Bačva Gallery of Home of the Croatian Association of Artists exhibition “Metropolis” by Martina Mezak will be opened, also at 8 pm and stays opened until August 26. Through the prism of Freud’s and Jung’s theory of personality this work explores and shows the complexity of being in its existence, in its relation to itself and its surroundings.

Ivan Merdar’s  “A Life with a Photo Camera” opens at Club of HDLU at Home of Croatian Photography and also stays opened up until August 26.