Gastro Fest ‘The World on a Plate’ – Taste the Cultures from Around the World

For few consecutive years in a row now, The World on a Plate festival has led its visitors on an unforgettable gastro journey around the world and there is no reason to expect that this year will be any less exotic.

From 31st August until 10th September, the European square will become a place where its participants can get in touch with tradition and customs of different cultures and taste the food they never tasted before. The best specialized ethnic restaurants in Zagreb, already known for their authentic approach in preparing the meals will be present so the food will be top notch.

It is a perfect example of how food can bring people from different cultures together. There will be many flavours available so everyone will get a chance to find the taste that they desire.

Food is not the only thing that will be on the plate during the festival; there will be music, folklore, dances and other entertainment and educational content during the festival days.

If you enjoy all the different cuisines of the world, these 10 days of the festival will be a real treat. Try a little of that world around you! J

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