BBQ, DJs, Skateboards: Zagreb Marks International Go Skate Day at Student Center!

Zagreb celebrates International Music Day and International Skaters day today, on the first day of summer. For the 10th year in a row, virtuosos on four wheels will ‘crash’ the Student center by jumping, rotating and enjoying on their boards. Except for the acrobatic performance every guest of Savska Street 25 will enjoy barbecue, listening to good music of two DJ’s – Davor Sanvincenti and Nenad Kovacic; they will have the opportunity to play badminton, table football, and other games…all of that until midnight!

Organizers of this grand fiesta are Kultura promjene, CHILL Shop & Skateboard Club Shpaolin, who will show to locals and their guests that this city has an excellent skate scene.