Great Beaches and Cool Prices: Croatia is the Most Desirable Destination in the World

Portal named teflSearch, based on Google analytics, stated recently that Croatia is the most desirable destination in the world for the ones that like to travel and visit new places.

They analyzed search data from July 2015 up to July 2016, from more than 80 countries in 52 languages, in order to get the dream vacation destination.

Croatia is ranked first on the list of most desirable countries for holidays with 2.7 percent, and after us, there are Greece (2.54 percent), Spain (1.99 percent), Italy (1.9 percent), Cuba, Portugal, Malta… The last one on the ‘top ten’ is the United States.

But why Croatia? Beside the most obvious reasons, such as nature, history, people… There are top two reasons – amazing beaches and ‘prices that won’t get you into bankrupt’.

On the other hand, Croats would like to go to Maldives