Greetings From Zagreb – Time Travel Through Historic Zagreb With this New App

Created by Zagreb’s National and University Library, and developed by Plava tvornica, the ‘Greetings from Zagreb’ is an Android exclusive app created with the purpose of exploring the city and peeking into its historic moments.

The app is bilingual (English & Croatian), and is easy to use. It offers a unique perspective on the present and past days of Zagreb with its Now&Then feature that lets you choose between the modern and 1926. city map that will uncover more about Zagreb with the use of old postcards. Even if you are currently not in the city, the Now&Then feature will prove to be really informative and a good place to start your exploration of Zagreb.

Besides the pretty pictures and old postcards, the app will walk you through the city with its predefined route if you wish to visit and learn more about the interesting cultural and historic hotspots.

All in all, it is a well-thought touristic app that will show you around Zagreb with additional insight into Zagreb’s history. Visit the application website or get it for free on the android play store.