Here’s Why We’re so Excited About This Year’s Design District Zagreb!

Design District Zagreb starts on 14th of June and lasts until 17th, and for the third time it will occupy city’s creative neighborhood- zone around Martićeva street.

The neighborhood enclosed by Šubićeva, Zvonimirova, Račkoga, Draškovićeva and Vlaška street has spontaneously transformed its identity from being zone known for many shops related to car industry to a place that gathers creative community of the city. The goal of Design District Zagreb Festival is to connect all existent creative initiatives concentrated in the central urban zone, improve their communication and cooperation and also revive a number of unused spaces.


During these 4 days of the festival visitors will have opportunity to see creative spatial interventions, exhibitions, participate in the workshops, talks and lectures, shop products made by local designers and much more.

This year we are especially excited about the installation Baustella made of steel construction scaffolding intended for resting and socializing, POP – up plant ambulance where you can get a care tip for your plants and interesting project Roum which uses old things to make new useful items. Another highlights of this year’s Design District are project Fierce Woman, Mr. & Mrs. Asparagus, a number of movies selected by Dino Belamarić under a name Local Pathways and so on…

We hope you won’t miss this interesting project, we definitely won’t!