Hey, Ho, Where is the Snow?

Zagreb is a fantastic place for winter sports. Yes, it may sound strange, but as a temperatures are still very low, you have to warm up somewhere and somehow. The best way to do that is to run and play in the snow. Isn’t it? But where you can do that? Our beloved city has a place for it!

Near the city center, just slightly away from the Upper Town Gradec and park Tuskanac, there is a hidden pearl called Cmrok. Cmrok has plenty of snow, and it can be reached by public transportation (ZET Zagreb) – buses 101, 102 and 105. The place which is very popular among locals is a hill where the first ski courses were held. Whenever you go there, you will be greeted with laughter and joy and will find fun and mulled wine.

 Another favorite place for snow sports is called Sljeme. You probably heard about this one before, because Sljeme is a highest peek of Medvednica mountain. One can find plenty of joy up there – skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing, jogging… Sljeme is the perfect spot for everything. If you do not want to jump, ski, run… Sljeme will offer you relaxation and entertainment at every corner. At nearby restaurants, you can try the traditional food – beans, sausages, štrukle and even more… Sljeme can be reached by bus, car or you can walk up to the hill. The choice is all yours; all you need to do is –  put on some warm winter clothes and go high up into the clouds.