Higher Education and Scholarships Fair

Higher Education and Scholarships Fair will take place in Zagreb tomorrow, on October 16th at the National and University Library and in Rijeka on October 18th this year.

The Fair, organized by the Institute for the Development of Education, is a unique event of national importance which presents study programs, scholarships and other educational programs and services available to Croatian citizens in Croatia and abroad.

The Fair is being held every year since 2005 and the it is now widely recognized both in Croatia and Southeast Europe as a high-profile, not-for-profit educational event.

Every year at the Fair, educational programs and financial aid options are presented by Croatian and international universities, state institutions, embassies and foreign cultural centers, private companies, foundations and non-profit organizations. The Fair’s visitors and target groups include high-school students, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, as well as young professionals searching for degree and non-degree programs and financial aid to pursue their academic and professional development.