Humphrey Bogart Festival in Velika Gorica

Author: Tajana Skuric

Organized by the alternative scene of Velika Gorica, the “Humphrey Bogart Festival” that will be held until November 21, started today. The festival began with the exhibition of young photographers “Alternative”, which will be still opened tomorrow. On Tuesday, October 17, visitors of Turopolje Museum will be able to see dance and theater performance of Ksantipa Curie “Virginia Woolf,” along with poetry slam performers.

Thursday, November 19, brings a traditional special edition of pub quiz in the Irish Pub, covering topics such as music and film. The weekend is reserved for concerts in Cafe Vegos, so on Friday, November 20, 10 PM, the audience will be able to see a band called “Moscow”, followed by “Davorin and Bogovići,” a well-known name of the Croatian music scene. The last day of the festival is reserved for two bands, “Feral Instinct” and “She Loves Pablo”.

“The Humphrey Bogart Festival” was created in 1998 in Velika Gorica as a festival aimed to provide an opportunity for young and yet unknown artists from Velika Gorica and beyond, who are engaged in various aspects of art and creative expression (painting, photography, theater, film and music).