HUSH HUSH Market – A New Home for Decor Products, Fashion & Textile Design

After successful first edition of the HUSH HUSH Market just a few months ago, the creative fair continues with growing number of exhibitors and products. Second HUSH HUSH Market will be held on April 7th and 8th.

HUSH HUSH Market came to be as a response to the shortage of creative fairs and platforms where local brands, designers, artists and other creatives could present and share their unique products. It is a perfect place for anyone who is interested in fashion, cosmetics, clothing or is maybe just looking to wrap up a nice gift.

The second edition of the HUSH HUSH Market will gather around twenty exhibitors – from fashion designers, jewelry designers and children’s clothing to manufacturers of natural cosmetics and home decor products.

The event is located in Ilica 15/1. For more information, visit the HUSH HUSH Market fb event page.