Internship at the Swedish Embassy in Zagreb in Autumn 2016

The Swedish Embassy in Zagreb is looking for trainees for the fall semester 2016. The trainees will spend 20 weeks in the embassy led by three officials from Sweden, six local staff members and two attachés from the RPS and the Armed Forces stationed in Budapest and Belgrade.

Croatia is a member of the European Union and Sweden has had an embassy in Zagreb since 1992. The trainee’s main task is to follow the embassy’s daily work, with an emphasis on news coverage, assisting embassy officials in the current political and economic reporting and the promotion of Swedish exports and culture. In addition, he or she will attend external events and be engaged in public diplomacy work at the Embassy. The Swedish Embassy is looking primarily for students who are enrolled at a Swedish university or college with ambitions to acquire in-depth practical knowledge from a Swedish mission abroad as a part of a point-gaining course.

The applicant should have completed a program in political sciences, economy, law, or in communications. The candidate should be outgoing and engaged in foreign policy matters and have proof of oral and written proficiency of both Swedish and English. Knowledge of regional languages is a strong asset. Furthermore, ability to work independently and experience of work or studies abroad and understanding of foreign administration is also an advantage. Swedish citizenship and approved person control is a prerequisite for internships. The internship lasts from September to December 2016. The exact starting date is to be determined between the intern and the embassy. The trainee must be insured through the “Student UT”, through their university / college, or another principal in-house, and have a written proof of insurance. Go to for more information about insurance.

The internship is unpaid and funded by a student. Applications consisting of a personal letter in Swedish and a CV have to be sent by e-mail to: [email protected] The deadline for the internship for fall 2016, is 6th March, 2016. The Embassy in Zagreb will select an intern among candidates after conducted interviews (usually by phone). For questions regarding the traineeship, please contact Dario Jovic on [email protected]