Is Another Croatian City Getting a Tram?

So far, Zagreb and Osijek are the only cities in Croatia that have tramway public transport, but now there’s a possibility that another Croatian city could get a tram. We’re talking about Pula.

Poslovni Dnevnik reports the news from Glas Istre about the possibility of Pula getting a tram transport. Many engineers have long been thinking about how to reduce traffic collapse which happens regularly during the summer season in Pula. Two engineers – Livio Nefat and Ivan Skol might have an idea, they’re just finishing a project on bringing in the electric tram in Pula by reactivating abandoned railroad tracks in the city.

Thousands of tourists from the nearby tourist zones, settlements, camps, and hotels from various places of Istria come to the center of Pula with their cars or buses to see the city, to hop on a boat for tourist tours or to go to the evening performances at the famous Arena. They park anywhere they find a free space in the city center causing traffic jams. There are no adequate targeted means of transport at the moment. Walking in the summertime at 35 degrees Celsius is a problem for everyone. After all tourists want to be comfortable, they simply do not want to walk” says Nefat.