Is your name Ema? Congratulations, you have won a free entrance to the ZOO!

On the eve of the 90th birthday of the ZOO, a young female red panda Emma arrived in Zagreb from Dortmund ZOO. Her hosts, three-year-old males from the Zagreb famous family of red pandas, welcomed her with food and drinks. Excellent hospitality and handsome boys were enough for Emma to fall immediately in love and accept her new home. After just a few minutes, cheerful red pandas had enjoyed a meal together with which they celebrated the ZOO’s 90th and Emmas 1st birthday (25th June).

For this occasion, Zagreb ZOO has decided to celebrate these two ‘B-Days’ by giving all the girls whose name is Ema or Emma, a free entrance to the garden today, on Saturday 27th June. So, if your name is Ema, hurry up to Maksimir and enjoy the wild tour.