Japan Week in Zagreb 2019

Cultural event Japan Week, organized by the Japanese Embassy in Zagreb, will be held from 2 to 8 March at the Westin Hotel in Zagreb, and will include a rich program of lectures, workshops, exhibitions, concerts and gastronomic offerings.

The Japan Week will open on March 2, at the Crystal Hall of the Westin Hotel, with a presentation on tourism in Japan. There will also be hosted the presentation of the Olympics in Tokyo 2020, the presentation of Japanese festivals (in collaboration with Makoto Croatian Japanese Society), and a brief overview of the golden age of Japanese film.

On Sunday, there’ll be held a mini concert of taiko drums, lectures and workshop. Visitors will have the opportunity to attend tea ceremony and taste the Japanese tea. Within the Week of Japan, from March 2 to 9, the Kaptol Restaurant will offer a Japanese menu. Other events during the Japan Week include the exhibitions of Hina dolls, Bonsai (in cooperation with the Bonsai Zen Association), origami  (in collaboration with Croatian Origami Society), Japanese Graphics (in cooperation with the Japan Print Association), and Japanese Calligraphy exhibition.
Check the whole schedule of the Japan Week here.