Jeboton Ansambl – Reggae-Ska-Punk-Rock Sensation will ‘Attack’ Vintage Industrial Bar

Author: Davor Bijelic

Jeboton ansambl is a collective made of various musicians from Croatian reggae-ska-punk-rock bands, including Porto Morto, Spremište, Druker, Antidepresiv, Hren, and Lobotomija. After years of street performance and free concerts, the members of Jeboton ansambl have finally decided to show their music experience on the stage of Vintage Industrial bar and to celebrate their 5th birthday. On Wednesday 13 April, this collective made of at least ten musicians will entertain you with the best cover songs from their original bands. You can expect a lot of brass, rhythm, singalong, positive vibrations and good atmosphere. Tickets on sale for 25 HRK at Dirty old shop or the club entrance. The concert starts at 10 pm and during event day ticket price will reach 35 HRK.