Jo Nesbø, the Famous Norwegian Crime Novelist is Coming to Croatia

Jo Nesbø, the famous Norwegian writer will be visiting Croatia for the second time in May, in light of his latest publishing – the adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

The idea for the modern version of William Shakespeare’s bloody drama Macbeth was conceived for the occasion of 400th anniversary of poets death, where eight writers including Nesbø participated. Jo Nesbø’s visit to Croatia will be hosted by the Fokus publishing house, where he will appear in Zagreb on May 9th in Gavella theatre and in Zadar Public Library the following day.

The original play is concerned with the theme of struggle for power and the cost that a man is willing to pay for it which fits perfectly with Nesbø’s writing style – he is generally known for his novels with gritty crimes and sophisticated plots. Placed in the 1970s, Nesbø’s Macbeth follows the events that revolved around an unnamed port city, where the new head of the police department in his efforts to deal with drug gangs and corruption recruits Macbeth – former chief of special units, to help the cause. As the events unfold, Macbeth becomes engulfed with the power and things start to fall out…