Joining the International Movement ‘The March for Animals’

On the occasion of the Animal Rights Day, Croatia joins the international movement the March for animals. The event will start with gathering at the King Tomislav square on December 9th, 11 AM, and will continue with a march throughout the city center.

The cruelty towards animals is omnipresent in the world, which is a reflection of human indifference considering the fact that we can live on our own today and let others live their lives. In other words, people do not depend on any aspect of exploitation of animals. All participants will come out with a message saying: “The suffering of animals must not be silenced, and we should act to end the pain of living beings.”

With colorful banners and photos, they will appeal to everyone’s responsibility to act accordingly and stand up for the rights of animals that people torture and kill daily. The International Day of Animal Rights has been marked since 1998 and is set on the same day as the International Day of Human Rights – December 10th, to point out that this planet is shared with other animal species that, like us, have the right to life without slavery, without exploitation and killing.

On the Animal Friends site and Facebook event you can find out more about the March for animals in Croatia.