KinoKino – 3rd International Film Festival for Children to be Held in February

KinoKino, an international film festival for children, will be occupying the big screen in Kino Europa during the five day period from February 14 to 18.

The festival will be opening with a Swedish SF/comedy film Upp i det blå (lit. Up in the blue) which is already proclaimed a future classic. The program is divided into sections; it consists of competition program, discovering every day, classics with guests, first time at the cinema & workshops. It will feature up to 30 thematically selected feature-length and short films along with discussions and workshops mentored by professionals in various cultural, social and artistic fields.

Zagreb Film Festival started the KinoKino festival in 2016 to promote the use of cinema as a multipurpose space for entertainment, learning, hangouts, discussions and more from a young age, highlighting the importance of its cultural and social benefits.

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