Korean Symphony Orchestra – Classical Music From The Far East

The Korean Symphony Orchestra, which is celebrating its thirtieth birthday this year, is coming to Zagreb on the 30 of Septembre. This music group has established itself as the country’s leading orchestra for classical music. From its founding music director Yun-Taik Hong to its current music director Hun-Young Lim, the Korean Symphony Orchestra has grown into a first class orchestra performing a broad repertoire.
In thirty years of its existence it fulfils two primary missions: it raises consciousness and interest for Korean classical music, but also educates and interprets the standard Western music repertoire. During the opening concert of the new season in Zagreb the orchestra will perform a Concert for Viola and Orchestra written by their Composer in Residence Texu Kim, but they are also going to pay homage to the European music tradition, they grew out of, like many other similar top-level ensembles from the Far East.

The Korean Symphony Orchestra will perform Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Texu Kim, and Antonín Dvořák melodies. The conductor is Hun-Young Lim, Yura Lee, the soloist.

 Subscription tickets available from the 31st of August.