Lauba’s Book Fair: Book for the Beach

Book fair or “a mix of  books, talks and music” – ‘Book for the Beach’ will take place this weekend from Friday, May 31 to Sunday June 2, 2019 at Zagreb’s contemporary art gallery Lauba.

This is the fair where the best Croatian publishers such as Fraktura, Mozaik knjiga, Naklada Ljevak, Znanje, Vuković&Runjić, Naklada OceanMore, MeandarMedia, Školska knjiga, V.B.Z. , Profil, Fibra, Durieux and  Sandorf will offer their summer reads.

As a part of the program, visitors can join round tables on contemporary topics. ‘Journalism of New Media’ will address the role of new communication technologies in changing content and understanding of contemporary journalism and literature. ‘Game of Thrones’ will address the global literary-film phenomenon that only a few can avoid, while ‘Self help as a Way to Happiness?’ will try to explain the increased popularity of literature aimed at making our lives better.

Musicians from the new Femme nouvelle project will take care visitors enjoy good music during the evening hours and this book fair will be their opportunity to promote the first compilation of Femme Nouvelle, featuring 10 songs of local Croatian singers. An exhibition of literary illustrations of the best Croatian illustrators will be held simultaneously, and it will include works of Dominik Vuković, Vedran Klemens and Tena Letica Tkalčević. In the accompanying program of the fair there will also be held a literary quiz, top lists of books of famous Croatians, literary workshops and much more.