Learn How to Make a Matchbox Pinhole Camera

A camera obscura (Latin for “dark room”) is an optical device that led to photography and the photographic camera. The device consists of a box or room with a hole in one side. Light from an external scene passes through the hole and strikes a surface inside, where it is reproduced, inverted (thus upside-down), but with color and perspective preserved. The image can be projected onto paper, and can then be traced to produce a highly accurate representation. The largest camera obscura in the world is on Constitution Hill in Aberystwyth, Wales. But the smallest…

OK, we won’t talk about it, but we will invite to a Camera Obscura Workshop by Boris Stromar. The workshop is scheduled for Sunday, 24th of April at 11 am. All you need is a roll of 35mm film and a good will. Famous Zagreb photographer will teach you how to make Camera Obscura from the box of matches.

The workshop will be held in Pivnica Pinta in Radiceva Street 3 in the city center. To participate, you need to register by e-mail: [email protected]. Or you can call Boris (+385 98/9028734).

For more information about Camera Obscura (on Croatian!) visit Boris’ website fotografija.astrobobo.net/camera-obscura/ and see what kind of photos you will be able to make after the workshop. Boris is very friendly and talented, so if you aren’t able to learn anything from him (because you are not gifted or interested in the photography), you are still invited to visit Pinta and grab a beer with a group.  Good luck, Enjoy, and Cheers!