Lecture: Elon Musk & Space Flights – The State of Space Exploration

On Wednesday, 17th Jan at 8pm, the astronomer Ante Radonić will be holding a lecture on space flights & Elon Musk at the Technical Museum Nikola Tesla.

Space Exploration Technologies Corp. or SpaceX is a huge undertaking founded by Elon Musk with goals of engineering fast, reliable, and reusable planetary and interplanetary transport systems. It was founded sixteen years ago and was the first private company to send a spacecraft to the International Space Station.

Plans for 2018 include focused work on Dragon 2 capsule and Falcon Heavy rocket which will be the most powerful US rocket since Saturn V, with missions planned for cargo and human transportation ranging from the orbiting ISS to the far reaches of Mars. SpaceX currently pioneers the aerospace industry and is pushing the frontiers of space exploration and transportation, and if all goes as planned will restore American manned spaceflight capabilities (since the retirement of Space Shuttle in 2011).

The lecture will be accompanied by numerous pictures. Tickets can be purchased for a price of 15kn and can be bought at the museum cashier on the day of the lecture.