Little Market – Food From The Source

Little Market is a brilliant take on going a step back and resorting to naturally grown food, providing healthy and nutritious products while preserving harmony with nature with ecological and organic production, supporting small local and family farms and urban gardening and much more.

The idea of Little Market has found its place in a world where food can rarely grow without the pressure of industrialization and commercialization. For the past four years, there have been organized over 300 Little Markets on popular urban spaces and it soon became a well-established gastronomic event.

Besides the food, some natural cosmetics and other general use eco products can be found on the market.

They say that Little Market is more than just a market. It is a chance to disconnect, slow down and experience some warm person-to-person moments. To explore the products, smell and taste the food – fruits and vegetables, delicatessen cheeses, spices, sprouts, edible flowers, natural juices, homemade bread, raw cakes, superfoods, nuts, traditional products, and more.

Little Market is usually held once per week, find out the locations and dates on their website or facebook page.