Little Picnic from the Little Market on the Upper Town

The Little Market from the Attic is combining the concept of nature and healthy organically grown food with the unique atmosphere of the Upper Town to create an ambient for a perfect picnic –  Little Picnic at Vranyczany Plateau.

This little summer story begins on August 3rd and will be organized every other Monday in August (and maybe even longer). This little picnic will introduce its visitors to the varied and rich ways of preparing the food from different corners of Croatia.

It is a perfect place to relax and indulge in city-viewing from this beautiful place on Upper Town, all while enjoying your lovely fruit and vegetable cocktails, home-made wines, seasonal fruit, organic ice cream and delicacies such as raw pies, goat’s cheese or others.

The focus of the gastronomic offer of the Little Picnic is seasonal organic food, grown and produced by family farms.

Once a week Vranyczany Plateau will be converted into the oasis that will serve refreshments to Zagrebians and its tourists during the coming summer month with an intriguing gastronomic offer.

Passerbys from the Upper Town will have a place to rest and absorb the old-world ambiance of the park and its surroundings and the visitors of Little Picnic might awaken the little explorer inside of them and go about exploring the rest of Upper Town. You never know :)

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