Have a Lovely Saturday With Your Family at the Concert of Zagrepcanke i decki in Lisinski

“Together we are better, more beautiful and stronger!” That is the message of the Zagrepcanke and decki Dance Assembly, a famous group that will perform at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall tomorrow at 11 am. This concert will mark the end of the choir’s season and the kids will present their new songs – songs about country, love, humanity, games, life, nature and all those beautiful things that only children can feel and enjoy.
‘With our songs we want to show that we have faith in a better future, knowledge and progress.’ says choir leader Lana Marinovic. And tomorrow, on stage with her kids, she will sing and dance as always, but she will also host many guests. This will be the opportunity for the Choir of Medvedgrad Primary School and Zagreb Children’s Guitar Orchestra to present the fruit of their hard work in front of the audience. We are sure that Zagrepcanke i decki and their guests will delight everyone in Lisinski, so we invite you to come and enjoy this lovely music event.

Tickets can be purchased at ulaznice.hr for 40, 60 and 100 kuna.