MamaVeek’s Kitchen – African Cuisine Cooking Workshop is in Town

Have you ever wondered about the African cuisine, let alone dared to think about making some delish African dish? Well, we’ve got the good news for you! MamaVeek is in town and will be holding African cooking classes until late July.

The workshop makes for a perfect opportunity for all African cuisine enthusiasts, both professionals and non-professionals to learn more about the ways of cooking in Africa. The course is beginner-friendly and requires no prior knowledge or expertise of any kind.

The courses will take place in MamaVeek’s kitchen in Ilica street and visitors will be able to learn how to make dishes authentic to regions from all over Africa. Workshops will be accompanied by professional teachers and cooks from Africa. The event is organized by Afrika u mom srcu (Africa in my heart), an association that helps promote the African culture in the Republic of Croatia.

Cooking classes will take place every day until July 25th, starting at 12h, 16h, and 19h. Each class lasts two hours and every attendee will receive a certificate.

For more information refer to MamaVeek’s Facebook page or phone number 0921977548.