Martin and Valent Sinković are World Champions!

World championship in rowing final was held today in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Croatians Martin and Valent Sinković won the first place in men’s pair and became the World Champions once again!

The Sinkovićs were the first to show at the start and they managed to have nearly a boat length lead around the 600m mark. They went through the middle of the race with a very handy lead but only half the race had gone by and Romania was now making a move. Romania’s Marius-Vasile Cozmiuc and Ciprian Tudosa had got their bow ball into second and took the silver ahead of the French Onfroy borthers.

After the race, Valent said: “This feels like winning for the first time. The race felt perfect and at the 1000 meters it felt we could get the gold”.

We congratulate to the great brothers and wish them all the best at the following competitions!!!