“Masters of Dirt Total Freestyler” spectacle is coming to Zagreb

A spectacular motocross show which has travelled the world, “Masters of Dirt” sees freestyle motorcyclist perform hair-raising stunts and jumps within a specially constructed theatre of ramps and runs is finally coming back to Croatia on 28th of December in Arena Zagreb.

Audience can expect stunts that defy all laws of physics, unbelievable jumps over 14 meters and stunts that take breath away. All of that will take place on track that’s 24 meters long. Event will be accompanied with DJ Mosakena, dancers „Fuel Girls“ from UK and a lot of pyrotechnics.

Main star of event will be mega popular FMX champion Kai Haase who was the first person in world to perform FMX flat-drop backflip with his motorcycle. Beside him Aleš Rozman will also perform with his quad doing backflips. Adolf Silva will also defend his title worlds star of mountain biking by doing amazing tricks.


„Masters of dirt“ is more than motocross show. It is truly a spectacular blend of adrenaline, incredible skills and performances. They had their first performance in Croatia 6 years ago in full Arena Zagreb. This year they are coming back to the same place, but this time better, more unpredictable, faster and crazier.