To the Moon and Back: Night Marathon at the Bundek Lake and Sava Riverbanks

The little night marathon on Bundek Lake is not so little anymore. This will be the fourth night marathon in Zagreb and every year more and more people join in to participate in this race.

This year’s slogan is ‘Catch the Moon’. Why? Well, the moon will be right above, almost within your grasp, silently observing and lightning the road for the runners (along with street lights that are spread along the race track).

Last year there were around 1500 participants and the numbers are growing every consecutive year – why wouldn’t you too? You do not have to be a professional runner and nobody has to run the whole 42 km because there are five different disciplines to choose from. (1) One tenth (4.2 km) for those who have just started running or just want to participate and feel that rush, (2) a 10 km race, (3) a half marathon which is 21 km, (4) a three quarter marathon (32 km) and a full 42 km marathon which was really enjoyed by the runners which participated in it last year. It will be ‘the craziest party under the moon and the stars which you will ever dance at, running’ organizers said.

This year the number of participants in all disciplines is limited to 2000. Last year all the runners wore luminous wristbands and have donated their kilometers through the PoKRENI challenge securing a donation of 50.000 kn to Croatian Union of Diabetic Associations ( an organization that works with children with diabetes). This year is expected to be even more glorious.

Catch the moon on August 26th and be a part of another running spectacle!

If you are serious about running and getting your t-shirt, luminous wristbands and participating in the race for real, you have to apply for it.

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