Mozgaonica is the Perfect Spot For Every Kid

Finally, we have it! First playground or school or spot or place for smart kids and all those who wants to play and think to think and solve, and not only to run and catch a ball… is opened in Zagreb! It is named Mozgaonica and it is located at Zavrtnica, almost in the centre of the city. It is dedicated to everyone so…  if you are a fan of puzzles, brain teasers and other entertaining thinking problems, make sure to visit Mozgaonica, a smart play centre for children and adults. This unique educational centre inviting visitors to exercise their brains and spend their free time learning through entertaining thinking problems. The centre offers up to 250 wooden games, puzzles and brain teasers, which visitors must solve with the help of the expert staff, and also learn how to use what they have learned in everyday situations. Some games are organised in XXL size, and require the use of the entire human body in order to solve them, while particular games have a competitive nature and require players to think quickly.

The centre’s activities include the Think&Solve educational programme, aimed at primary school students and implemented by certified teachers. The programme improves the development of cognitive, socio-emotional and motor skills in children; it has six levels and it takes place twice a week, keeping in mind the school year curriculum. The programme is based on wooden didactic games – brain teasers, puzzles and board games. By solving them, children develop their attention capacity and spatial as well as logical reasoning. Through these didactic games, the youngest generations are encouraged to discover and realise their potentials, develop the ability of creative thinking and learn how to make decisions that will positively influence their lives. In this way, by using contemporary methods, but all with the goal of having fun, the mentors encourage children to expand and deepen their own interests, realise their cognitive and emotional processes and develop self-control as the most important factor for the success of an individual.

Apart from the Think&Solve educational programme, Mozgaonica also organises group school visits, team building programmes, birthday celebrations and various other happenings.

Mozgaonica is open to visitors every day between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. More information about all programmes can be found online at, as well as on Facebook.