Museum of illusions in Zagreb will blow your mind!

If you feel you need to change your life perspective just for a while, the Museum of illusions is a place to visit. Since it opened it’s doors in June, the Museum of illusions gained instant popularity and became one of the most famous museums in Zagreb.

By entering this fascinating world of fantasy, you will be able to explore more than 70 exciting interactive exhibits such as ames room, slanted room, endless room, levitating water, including the largest hologram exhibitions in this part of Europe. Through attractive and entertaining illusions, visitors will learn a lot about the mind, perception, the human brain and science, and will better understand why the eyes see things that the brain does not know. All the exhibits are based on science, but this is a place where your imagination is also challenged and encouraged!

‘The idea came after much thought of what to offer Zagreb and its guests. We realised that there’s a need for something with educational and entertaining character and decided to open a museum of illusions. The whole project from idea to realisation lasted for about eight months. Most of the exhibits and the entire concept of space were designed by young Croatian architect Juraj Kralj. The rest of the exhibits came from all around the world, mostly from United States, Austria, UK and Thailand’ said the owners.

Museum of illusions, unique in this part of Europe, is a perfect place for all generations, so be sure to visit this unusual and exciting place. No matter how old you are, you will spend most of your visit with a big smile on your face as this intriguing visual, sensual and educational experience will blow your mind!

Museum of illusions  is located just a few minutes walk from the central square, in 72 Ilica Street.