Music Evenings on Medvedgrad

Once again, one of the most beautiful locations above the city is about to become even more beautiful. Ancient Medvedgrad fort on the slopes of Medvednica is about to hold open-air concerts under the stars.

This is a perfect escape for those souls that want to move away from the crowded and hot city streets. Every night an acoustics program will be held as a warm up for the performing band. The line-up includes The Bambi Molesters, Amira Medunjanin and Kries.

The idea is to present young authors and musicians in front of a small audience to create a special atmosphere. Reserve your spot on time.

The concert venue at Medvedgrad can be reached by car and by the free mini-bus transport provided during the event. The departure is in front of St. Mirko’s Church in Šestine.

Medvedgrad Music Evenings will take place from July 12 to 14.