The National Folk Dance Ensemble LADO: 68th Birthday Dance Concert

The best way to learn about a country’s culture is through its folklore. If you want to experience Croatian energy, feel the pulse of the people and learn more about its identity, you should definitely see LADO, Croatia’s professional folk dance ensemble.

LADO is celebrating its 68th year of activity, and with more than 100 choreographies, the vast diversity of dances, songs, and costumes, all accompanied by the orchestra, they are always met with great fascination by the audience. They have performed on many of the worlds most famous stages such as Royal Albert Hall in London, theatres on New York Broadway, Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow, Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv, Olympic games and much more.

The National Folk Dance Ensemble was founded in 1949 with a goal to research, gather and arrange the best of the rich Croatian tradition. With their diverse and rich folkloric expression of such a small region as Croatia, the Folk Dance Ensemble is regularly placed among worlds best folklore groups.

The company will wow you with its beautiful singing and dancing, its amazing orchestra and energetic choreographies together with the authentic costumes worn on stage. So come and celebrate the 68th birthday dance concert with its richness and diversity of Croatian dance and music at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall on November 26th.

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