The New Zagreb 80’s Retro Museum

The historic building at Radićeva 34 got transformed into an exhibition that will take you back to the ‘golden’ ages of vinyls, cassettes, and typewriters.

There is no guide, no fence, no velvet ropes, no glass! The exhibition encourages visitors to touch, feel, interact, and experience the exhibits first hand. As you step into the apartment you find yourself in a typical old family living room with board games, record player, and records. The kitchen is equipped with silverware and dishes that were typical of that era, and there is also a study room and a playroom with games and toys, Commodore 64, mobile phone and other objects which began their rise in the 1980s.

This is one of the most varied private collections of items that date back to 1980s, collected from all over Croatia. Visit for more about the museum, tickets and working hours.