Night Marathon for the 2nd time in the city!

Night racing with lanterns, joy, music, food and running is coming back to your neighborhood at the second Grawe night marathon. On Saturday, at 7 pm at Lake Bundek, runners will gather and test their stamina in one of five disciplines: 1/10 (4 219.5 m); 1/4 marathon (10549 m); Half marathon (21097m); 3/4 marathon (31647m) and Marathon (42195m).
The race lasts until 12:15 am, and except for the disciplines and timed running it will be special because it ends with an entertainment program for runners and their fans.
Grawe night marathon was held last year for the first time, and about 53 foreign participants attended the event all the way from Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Macedonia, Moldova, Polish, Romania, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, the United States and Great Britain.