Night of Museums: Live Sculpting With Academic Sculptor Hrvoje Dumančić

As a part of this year’s Long Night of Museums (26th Jan), the Sinjska alka Museum in Sinj will be hosting a live performance of creating a new sculpture!

The aim of the action is to show in a picturesque and dynamic way the process of creating a sculpture. Hrvoje Dumančić, the author of the main museum exhibition setup Alkars parade will be creating the new sculpture and the public will be able to hang out with the sculptor and participate in the process.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to see Dumančić’s sculptures that are part of the museum’s setting – 10 natural size horse sculptures along with 14 alkars. Unlike the usual practice of just showing the completed exhibit, the visitors will be able to see the stage of creation and the work behind the closed doors of art ateliers.

Besides the live sculpture, the program includes lectures, guided tours and a break with wine and fritters. The program will start at 6 pm and last until 1 am.