No kill Croatia: New Act Against Killing Animals in Shelters and Animal Abuse

Representatives in the Croatian Parliament voted for the long-awaited new Animal Protection Act. The Law introduces many prohibitions on abusive behavior towards animals, one of the most important being prohibition of killing animals in shelters.

Among them is the permanent tying of dogs, performance of animals in circuses, capturing of bears and dolphins, sexual intercourses with animals, feathering of live poultry, throwing firecrackers on animals, keeping wild animals for public display, killing dogs and cats for the purpose of food and other products and partial bans on the use of horses and similar animals for extracting wood from the forest.

Animal Friends thank all the citizens, institutions, and politicians for the help in realization of the new Animal Protection Act.

Action “Adoption is cool” dedicated to the most important Animal Protection Act – No kill Croatia!

The action will take place on Saturday, November 11, 2017, from 9 AM to 3 PM on Zagreb’s Ban Jelacic Square. It is organized by the City of Zagreb and the Dumovec Animal Shelters in cooperation with the Animal Friends Association.

The event is organized in light of new Animal Protection Act and it will be a perfect place for the citizens to get more information, sign the petitions, buy the products whose purchase will further help the work with animals and possibly adopt an animal without a home.

The key to good work and the implementation of the new Act are: establishment of shelters for animals; constantly conducting citizen education on animal care and castration, control of microchip implementation, promotion of animal adoption and many others.

More information and a review of the new law can be found at