‘Nothing is Personal’ by Tea Ivković

An exhibition under the title Nothing is Personal by Tea Ivković will be opened this Tuesday, November 6th at 7 pm at the Karas Gallery (Zvonimirova 58).

Tea Ivković was born in Zagreb in 1992, in 2016 she completed the graduate program in Graphic Arts in the class of Mirjana Vodopija. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions, workshops and art colonies and has been a member of the Croatian Association of Artists (Croatian: HDLU) since 2016.

In the statement Ivković wrote: “The work consists of a cluster of photographs in layers that create a new reality, imbued with the memories of different situations and perspectives of authorial photographs, randomly selected from a pile of memory folders. The reality of a certain moment can only be felt at that very moment, and what remains is only a cluster of memories that no one can describe precisely after the passage of time, because there is nothing but the present. The work is titled “Nothing is Personal“ because actions and all those “deposits“ that make a person over time, only become visible in the person’s behavior – gesticular and subconscious.

Description in words and definition, of both the work and a specific person, tries to bring the work or a person’s character closer to some sort of interpretation, but at the same time it restricts it, encloses it in a cell and tries to control it. When it comes to memory, over time it becomes a blend of imagination, memories and an impression different than the past one. With the help of definitions or without them, we can never be truly sure whether we are imprisoned or free.”

The exhibition will remain open until November 18.

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