Oi Polloi returns to Zagreb

Author: Davor Bijelic

The Scottish band Oi Polloi, one of the most influential and highly regarded anarcho-punk bands in history, led by original vocalist Deek Allen, hits Europe again. After their sold out performance in the underground club Mocvara in May, this is the second time this year these Scottish punks will play Zagreb, and they have a message for the Croatian audience – “We’re coming to rock you again – and we’re bringing plenty of whiskey!” This time, they will play in AKC Attack on the 14th of October, together with Croatian crust-punks AK-47 and hardcore punks Kriva istina. The tickets are available for 40 kn at the club in Pierottijeva 11.

On this tour, the band will play some new songs from their upcoming album, and as Deek said, ‘You can expect a load of new street-crust & progressive oi songs about permaculture, honey bee die off, militant anti-fascism, resistance to the prison system, the archaic institution of monarchy, anarcho-syndicalism, the surveillance state and more.’